Help2Pay is a comprehensive payment gateway which offers robust, real-time and market-tuned solutions. We provide merchants with a fully automated and customizable platform, integration tools and 24-hour customer support.

Popular Southeast Asian Countries

Help2Pay supports the currencies of the hottest markets in Southeast Asia: Malaysia Ringgit (MYR), Thai Baht (THB), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and Vietnamese Dong (VND).

Merchant Risk Guarantee

Help2Pay’s Merchant Risk Guarantee mitigates any risk you may come across with your e-commerce business. With our one-time, money-back guarantee, you are protected from fraud, scams and other criminal activity.

Fully Customisable Integration

Our robust and flexible platform allows you to use your own preferred backend with minimal changes to your workflow upon integration of Help2Pay’s API.


Avoid cash flow issues and long wait periods when you switch to Help2Pay. Our comprehensive portfolio of settlement options includes USDT, SWIFT, SEPA and Bitcoin, meaning you can request a settlement at any time, and have it processed within 3 hours!


Highly Secured. Your funds are safe with us!

Customer starts deposit process on your website
Enter online banking details through Help2Pay’s secure login portal
Our gateway automatically processes and confirms transactions with the bank
Your site wallet is automatically updated with verified transaction amount

About Us

Help2Pay was founded in 2013 and has quickly become a market-leading payment gateway in Southeast Asia.

We process millions of transactions each month with our automated and encrypted payment acceptance software.

Help2Pay ensures infallible risk management with our advanced knowledge of payment industry compliance mandates and years of experience in data fraud detection.



Keeping our clients’ data safe and accounted for is our number one priority.

Our software incorporates the latest encryption and security protocols to ensure your sensitive data is never compromised.

Our support team is equipped with comprehensive training, intricate processes, and analytic reporting software which allows them to monitor and review detailed transaction data.

The advanced proprietary security protocols and processes we’ve put in place after years of refining our service ensures that Help2Pay is the most robust and secure gateway which caters to all your online payment needs.


Merchant Risk Guarantee

Help2Pay’s will ensure that your funds are never compromised and is backed by our Merchant Risk Guarantee. Our infallible payment software is specialised for high risk industries.


Help2Pay - South East Asia's Payment Leader

Help2Pay is not new to the market, having started 2013 – it might just be among the first. But along with that, it’s also about that staying power, the speed of transactions and the ‘trust factor’.

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